Bathroom Essentials: Stocking Your First Home

Bathroom Essentials: Stocking Your First Home

A lot of homeowners consider bathroom as a sanctuary. Why? That’s because it is, and you have to delight in it. Apart from your bedroom, it is in your bathroom where you have the freedom to be just yourself. Moreover, you spend a lot of time in this area – taking hot or cold showers, washing your face, brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, and applying your favourite skincare products. Given that reasons, you have to fully stock your bathroom with all the essentials you need for your comfort and convenience. If you want to know them, take time to read everything below.

Mirrored Cabinet

Putting on your makeup will be quite a challenge without a mirror. A lot of women do it in the bathroom as it is more convenient than doing it elsewhere. Get a mirrored cabinet that is dual purpose. You will not only get a mirror but a cabinet, too, to keep your bathroom basics like a first aid kit.

Storage Solutions

Get a storage where you can keep your towels, toiletries and cleaning materials, especially if you have a small space in your bathroom.

Cleaning Supplies

Keep your bathroom clean and in order at all times. It will not only boost the appearance of your bathroom, but it will help in making you feel happy and relaxed, too. Use eco-friendly cleaning products to help save mother earth. Also, it is the safest option if you have children and pets at home. You can do a DIY cleaning product by using the items you have in your pantry.

A Nice Tub and Shower

A nice tub and shower will give you an ultimate experience of a lifetime. Invest in quality tub and shower heads so they can last for many years to come. Moreover, you truly deserve a relaxing shower after a stressful day at the office.

Bath Towels

Your bath towels should be soft, absorbent, and made of 100% cotton fabric to help dry off your body after taking a shower. Also, bath towels often add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, so choose one that matches with your décor.

Shower Curtain

A shower curtain plays an important role in giving you the privacy that you need while taking a shower, and keeping water off the bathroom floor. Also, it sets a tone for your bathroom style. That’s why it is necessary to choose a shower curtain that isn’t only functional, but stylish, too.

Soap and Shampoo

Choose a soap and shampoo that is ideal to your hair and skin type. If you have sensitive skin and scalp, organic products are the best way to go. However, to be sure, consult with a medical practitioner. He or she is the best person to ask for an advice.

Bath Accessories

Complete the look of your bathroom by having bath accessories like bottle pumps, soap dishes, towel racks, and tissue holders that match with the décor and fixtures in your space.

The bathroom is an integral part of your house. Get bathroom essentials that are practical and can make a style statement.