A Great Alternative to Fuel

A Great Alternative to Fuel

With the increasing global warming damage caused by the public, the world is now becoming hotter and hotter day by day. Thus, many firms are going green and making it a point to save the planet Earth from harmful emissions into the environment. One example of this change is the switch in generator operations and production. 

What is the change?

There are innovative solutions that are currently being used to cut down the pollution. Hence, the aim is to find a better alternatives energy supply that can replace the harmful conventional fossil fuels.

Also, to stop the usage of non-renewable resources that can completely extinct in the next few years.

What is the new development?

Thus, there is a development of fuel that is not only effective but even environmentally friendly. The base of these biodiesel fuels is the vegetable oil extracted from local agriculture. Another benefit of this is that it can be produced in the home town, and does not need to be imported. Therefore, the prices of the fuel are reasonable, and affordable by the general public.

How is biodiesel fuel made?

Vegetable oil is extracted straight from natural plants and seeds. Thus, it is later converted to biodiesel fuel. To do this, the oil is combined with alcohol, using a catalyst. Hence, this creates a reaction, known as transesterification. 

The quality of this output is quite similar to the petrochemical-based fuels. Therefore, biodiesel fuels can easily replace ordinary diesel fuels. Hence, a recommended primary source of fuel. 

Which industry does it benefit the most?

Mostly it is beneficial to all the industries that make use of heavy types of machinery, which are operating 24/7. An example is Aggreko’s biofuel friendly generators, which are used by many firms for operations.   

 Hence, a particular market benefiting from this fuel is the industry of power generation. As it is, it is hard to connect to power stations always; therefore, diesel generators are used as a substitute for power supply. 

Thus, these generators run continuously to keep the engines operating. Therefore, this environmentally friendly and efficient source of biodiesel fuel is an ideal solution.

What are the advantages of biodiesel fuel?

  • The primary advantage is that this fuel is a renewable source of energy. 
  • The fuel can be locally produced. 
  • They are eco-friendly products, thus, causing significantly less harm to the environment in comparison to normal diesel fuels.
  • The lubricity of biodiesel fuel is much higher than regular fuels. 
  • It helps to maintain engines and prevent them from wearing out.

Likewise, there are a few disadvantages to this fuel. Below mentioned are a few of them.

What are the disadvantages of a biodiesel fuel?

  • There are strict limitations to this fuel type that prevents widespread usage. 
  • The process of making should undergo many testings and a trial period before it is ready to use.
  • Biodiesel fuel can cause troubles and technical problems when there is climate change. For instance, during winters. Therefore, as mentioned above, it should be thoroughly inspected.