Audience Opportunities to Expect With Different SM Networks

Audience Opportunities to Expect With Different SM Networks

Different social media platform offer different opportunities for businesses to attract and maintain their audience. However, we also can notice that based on the network that you use, the audience also widely changes. Therefore, knowing what your particular audiences are on a granular level would be the best and most effective way to move forward in your advertising. Here is a brief insight into the kind of audience opportunities that you can expect with social media networks.


Facebook is without a doubt one of the most potent tools that are in use today for advertising. Even in the case of many a digital marketing agency Australia and other countries around the world, this particular social media platform remains one of the most popular means to drive traffic to a business. However, what you need to know is that the majority of Facebook’s audience is of a younger age category. There are of course exceptions, but in general this is true. Brands that do things like fast moving customer oriented goods and services will do really well on Facebook, whereas luxury brands would stand a better chance by investing in magazine advertising instead of Facebook. Statistically, it has been observed that Facebook users show a very high level of engagement with adverts and also make up for more than half of all the retargeted adverts on the internet.


Twitter shows a high tendency of being used for the purpose of keeping tabs on news. Recently though the audience has also migrated towards a younger crowd but there is a high chance of the older audience range also being active on Twitter in contrast with Facebook. It has also been studied that the bulk of Twitter users reside often in urban areas and that the best times for brands to advertise themselves would be from Monday to Thursday between 1PM and 3PM. The worst time for this has also been recorded at any time after 3PM on Fridays.


The general nature of LinkedIn is that is a platform for the networking of white-collar professionals who also happen to be of high educational level and high income. Therefore, brands that desire to target professionals with a high level of income and brands that also mean strictly business will have a good chance of penetrating this market. The best times to post here have been studied as either morning or evening on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, basically just before and just around the office opening and closing times.


Here the majority or at least 90% of the user market is below 35 years of age and therefore, are quite interested in brands that deal with fashion, food, travel and design. These are the best brands to be featured on Instagram and you can hope to approach your market between 18 and 34 years of age.


Pinterest is something where a lot of art, design and photography based information can be marketed. Ideally what needs to happen when you choose your platform is that you do enough research to identify the best possible means of showing your audience what you have to offer. Not every platform is right or necessary for you.