Benefits of Installing Neon Signs

Benefits of Installing Neon Signs

For decades, neon lights have been assisting company owners in standing out from the competition. The novelty may have faded by now, but they are still just as effective as they were when they were first introduced. Since the 1950s, neon signs have been providing owners of businesses with a number of unquestionable advantages, which will be discussed in today’s piece.

1.    Strong Public Profile

Neon signs are a brilliant and captivating complement to any business front, and they can make a significant impact in terms of how visible your company is. Mounting a neon sign can immediately increase the number of impressions your business makes, even on a busy boulevard full of intense competition; this is because the viewer’s eye is attracted to light and color in the dark. Neon signs can be seen from a considerable distance. Small company owners that are attempting to make their presence known might benefit tremendously from the usage of neon signs. If you want a sign that stands out from the rest of your competition and is sure to lead the customers straight through your business doors, then make sure to check out signwriter hawthorn. The benefits that come with having a sign custom-made specifically for your business are undeniable.

Design freedom. The fact that neon signage may be customized to a certain extent is one of its primary advantages. You have an astonishing variety of alternatives available to you when designing a logo using this media. 

2.    Functionality Throughout the Nighttime

Businesses may stay open throughout the night because of the illumination provided by neon signage. Although you could install more lights to illuminate your current signs, switching to neon is often the more cost-effective alternative, including the initial installation and the ongoing maintenance costs.

The operation is not expensive and uses little energy. Neon is the fifth most prevalent chemical element in the universe. It is a noble gas. It shouldn’t come as a shock that neon advertising is so reasonably priced since the material is so widely available. Neon electrodes are cold to the touch since they do not include a filament. This implies that they do not waste a significant amount of power in any way. Because of this, they are also more likely to outlive light bulbs. If you get neon, you won’t have to change the bulbs as often. If you leave a typical neon sign on all day, it will cost you roughly twenty cents in energy costs since it draws a standard wall current and consumes ninety watts of power. Consider the fact that the typical toaster consumes 900 watts of power, which is 10 times greater than the energy that drives your company.

3.    Long Lifetime

Neon signs have a lifespan of ten to twelve years if they are constructed and maintained correctly. The benefit of neon advertising is easily discernible when one takes into account the fact that the bulbs need very little maintenance and yet standard light signs may malfunction after less than six months.