Characteristics of a Creative Office Space

Characteristics of a Creative Office Space

Office spaces come in all shapes and sizes now. With the recent boom in startups due to how easy business is on the internet, there is a huge demand for office spaces that are not only good looking but also cheap. Companies generally demand creativity in whatever they do, and so it’s no surprise that more people than ever are drawn towards “creative office spaces”. But what does this term mean? Simply put a creative office space is one that is not completely cubicle based, that encourages collaboration, creativity, and flexibility.

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So, what is it that sets a creative office space apart from all the rest? 1) they are designed and constructed in a particular way. Whereas offices of yesteryear were very industrial and focused heavily on cubicles, modern creative offices are built so that there are fewer separators between workspaces. This encourages collaboration. 2) They will also be furnished with unusual furniture such as standing desks, bench style seating, and maybe even an entertainment area. They are usually made with an emphasis on design, with a lot of concrete, wooden flooring, warm lighting, and perhaps some indoor flora. Really advanced offices also have kitchen areas, warm natural lighting, and other more unusual things such as sleep pods, and meditation areas.

The way a creative office space uses its limited floor space is very different from a standard cubicle setup. Since Millennials and Gen Z’ers have entered the workforce, there has been an emphasis on open spaces, and mobility. In creative offices, a lot of times, walls, desks, and whole spaces are movable and can be dismantled and rearranged. For example, the lobby area can turn into a bar area, meeting rooms can be transformed into a team lounge etc. Creative offices are also usually very comfortable and make you feel at ease.

In addition to all this, the architects behind creative spaces often place an emphasis on wellness. This is because a healthy, happy employee, is a productive employee. This means that you will often find a lot of natural light, you will find features that blend the outdoors and the indoors, there will generally be a living area with a lot of space for plant life and open-air atriums etc. There is very heavy emphasis placed on the appeal of the office because many companies want to hire and retain top talent, and in many cases, a great work environment is necessary to retain them. Employees also feel more engaged in a creative office space. When the employee feels that their company doesn’t care about them or the kind of environment that they work in, their productivity will suffer, like it or not, the office space that a company chooses for itself will determine how satisfied an employee is to a large degree.