Choosing Between Slip Ons and Lace Ups – Quick and Basic Guide

Choosing Between Slip Ons and Lace Ups – Quick and Basic Guide

Like women, men have specific preferences when it comes to shoe styles – most men, at least. Two main types of shoes are lace ups and slip Ons. Here are some of the basics on what each type is like and possible reasons why men prefer one type to the other. 

The Occasion

There are quite a few significant differences between men’s lace up shoes and slip-ons. However, the main thing, overall, is about the kind of occasion each type should suit. The occasion is what matters when it comes to choosing footwear.

Think about the nature of the occasion and the style it demands. Most of the time, you are required to pick footwear that’s ‘suitable’, whether you like it or not! Thus, whenever you’ve got to choose between these two types of footwear, it all comes down to ‘where’ you will be wearing them to.

Lace Ups

Lace up shoes are like the type that is made for the classy man. When it comes to getting into a sharp, formal look, lace up shoes give you the perfect finishing touch. They are simply made to go with business attire – suit or no suit, to give it a touch of elegance and class and elevate the look altogether. 

The second thing about lace ups is that their design is great for your feet in terms of providing support around joints and ankles. This gives the wearer more stability when walking in them. The laces can be used to adjust the fit by tightening them or loosening them up a bit. These may be the possible reasons why working men hardly complain about any discomfort despite having their shoes on through most of the day. 

Lace ups come in many ranges. Whether it is classy formal shoes, a pair of great boots, or super durable sport shoes that you need, you can style up with ease. Thus, if you ever thought your options are limited just because you are a laces-only person, you were probably wrong. 

Slip Ons

Slip on shoes come in various styles, all of which are made for more casual, relaxed occasions. Nevertheless, the best thing about slip-ons is that they are so convenient! Just like how they’re called – you simply slip into them and walk away, and it will only take a second when you are rushing out at the last minute! For those who do not have the patience – this is just the type that’s made for you! You do not need a moment to sit down, nor do you need to use your hands to put them on or take them off. 

Another reason why slip-ons are preferred largely is because they are lightweight and breathable. Once gotten used to these features of slip-ons, it can be hard to go with other choices of footwear. However, speaking of the comfort factor, sometimes, you just need to go for a good brand that will meet every criterion you want including comfort, irrespective of whether it is a slip on or a lace up type.