Crucial information on using a food grade lubricant

Crucial information on using a food grade lubricant

The equipment used when working with food has to be clean and well maintained. Whether it be the applications or the surfaces used in a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen, keeping the surfaces and the utensils clean is a crucial step to take.

The best step that you can take to make this possible is to use Food Grade Oil. Using food grade lubricants is known to enhance the longevity and better the kitchen experience. Here is some crucial information that you should know about using food grade lubricants.

Reasons to use food grade lubricants

One of the top reasons why you should use food grade lubricants is to prevent any contaminations present in the equipment. No matter whether it be just knives and spoons that you are cleaning or if you want to clean a major commercial kitchen, doing it in the right way by using a food grade lubricant is highly recommended.

It’s important that you choose a food grade lubricant approved by the FAD so that you can eliminate any of the risk that comes with using lubricants for your kitchen requirements. When you use the right lubricants to decontaminate the kitchen utensils, it will be easy for you to bring up the standards of your cooking experience.

Selecting the right food grade lubricate

There is a wide range of food grade lubricants in the market. Therefore, you should know the best to get for your requirements. Some of the major functions of the lubricants are to provide protection against wearing out, protection against chemicals and water, to avoid corrosion and to inhibit the growth of molds and other microorganisms. When you use the right lubricant, you will certainly be free from all these complications.

There are 3 main types of H1 lubricants that you can find, namely, white mineral oil, polyalphaolefins (PAOs) and polyalkylene glycols (PAGs). When referring to PAG lubricants, they are more accepted to be used in the food industry because they are mostly tolerant against water and is ideal as a lubricant. Moreover, they have features of low friction coefficient, higher thermal conductivity and is also more long lasting.

Where can I use the lubricants?

Food grade lubricants can be used on metals and wood. These are the two main materials that are used in the kitchen. When it comes to being applied on wooden surfaces, it will prevent the wood from cracking and it will prevent any biological growths on them as well. Thus, the wooden surfaces of your kitchen will be much cleaner and they will be long lasting as well.

When it comes to metal surfaces, having applied a food grade lubricant makes sure that they do not get corroded and that surfaces will be clean. Again, the durability of the metal surfaces is also enhanced when you use the right lubricants.

If you are looking for the right upgrade to your kitchen, what you need is a food grade lubricant.