Décor Essentials for a Modern Wedding

Décor Essentials for a Modern Wedding

If you are thinking of having a modern wedding, this means you need to select minimalist aesthetics and sleek lines. This will help you maintain a clean and chic appeal in the wedding. In this article, we will go through some inspiration ideas on how to create a simple modern wedding through the décor.

A clean and minimal backdrop can be used for this.

You can check out wedding decorations hire to get an idea of the options available. Some modern backdrops you can consider are monochromatic designs and geometric patterns. This will lend itself to a contemporary atmosphere. A metal frame and simple elegant fabric backdrop can greatly elevate your celebration. The furniture has a big part in wedding decorations. This can be overlooked in some weddings as the bride and groom will focus more on the actual décor elements. But you have to consider tables and chairs as wedding décor as well. These will be there at the venue in a high quantity so this will have a big impact on the visual presentation of the wedding. So you need to select streamlined and chic furniture pieces that have clean lines. This will further enhance the simplicity of the modern design. You can also select seating options such as wire frame chairs, acrylic chairs etc.

The colour palette has to be neutral with muted tones and shades of grey and white.

These colours are timeless and can create an elegant atmosphere so that any design elements you have in the space can stand out. You can incorporate metallic accents to the décor such as rose gold or gold. This will add a touch of glamour. The lighting also plays a big role in creating modern wedding ambience. When selecting a venue, you need to have this theme in mind so that you can select a place where the light fittings don’t clash with it. You need to look for geometric chandeliers, sleek pendant lights and minimal light fittings. You can also discuss with the décor rental on how they will create the required minimal look with the lighting options that they are renting out.

Geometric shapes are a big part of modern design

And this can be incorporated into your wedding décor. This can be on the wedding invitations, angular floral arrangements, geometric terrariums for the table centrepieces etc. Transparency is another aspect you can include in this décor. This will add to the lightness of the décor and it can be easily achieved by acrylic elements like transparent table numbers, transparent chairs etc. You can even have the wedding arch be transparent and decked with simple flowers. This will complement any colour theme. Consider modern floral arrangements as well. You can have a monochromatic bouquet or single flowers. Greenery can also be a big part of the décor. You can have geometric vases can be used along with hanging arrangements. You can also offer interactive guest experiences such as using interactive photo booths and a digital guestbook.