Different Types of Flaring Tools for Pipes

Different Types of Flaring Tools for Pipes

Flaring is a technique you will find in different industries such as plumbing, automotive and HVAC. It helps to properly seal a connection without allowing for leaks. And you will need to use special tools to create a professional flare.

There are manual flaring tools that are used for light duty applications.

You will need to apply force manually to create a flare and you will come across flare tools with sliding yoke and with swaging punch under this category. The latter has a clamp to hold the pipe in place. And you can insert the swaging punch into the pipe and create a flare by putting force manually. You can create flares on brass, aluminium and copper pipes this way. Both single and double flares can be achieved this way. A flare tool with sliding yoke allows the user some more control as you can adjust the size of the flare. This is due to the sliding yoke moving along the handle. Once you insert the pipe into the yoke, you can tighten the handle to create the flare that you want. Single or double flares can be created on different materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

For heavy duty applications, you will not be able to use manual flaring tools.

Instead, you can use a hydraulic pipe flaring tool and this will give you a higher level of accuracy as well. You can have more control with hydraulic flaring tools compared to the manual tools. Here, hydraulic pressure will be used to create consistent flares. There are also different configurations for these. You can find bench mounted or hand operated hydraulic tools. There are even portable hydraulic kits that can be used if you want to travel with them. And you can use hydraulic flaring tools with different pipe materials and sizes. This makes it a very versatile flaring tool for pipes. There is also high efficiency with hydraulic tools. You may also come across eccentric flaring tools which are great for using on thin walled pipes. For example, if you want to create a flare on aluminium or copper tubing, this is an ideal tool to use. These have a two piece design consisting of a mandrel and a sleeve.

In eccentric flaring tools,

The pipe will be inserted into the sleeve and the flare will be created by gradually pushing the mandrel into the pope. By using this tool, you will be able to preserve the thickness of the pipe and its integrity. You can also find flaring tool kits that come with adapters, different flare sizes and other accessories. One such accessory that you will use in pipe flaring is flare nut wrenches that can grip the flare nut without causing it damage. If you frequently work with pipes of varying materials and sizes, this is a good option to consider. These tools will come organised in a carrying case so that they are readily accessible for use.