Different Types of Security Doors

Different Types of Security Doors

While functionality is the priority when choosing a security door, you need to think about aesthetics as well. When choosing a security door for your home, you will come across different types and having a good idea of these types will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right security door

Depends on your security needs and the aesthetic appeal you are going for. You have to consider the crime rate in your surrounding area and the vulnerabilities of your property when choosing the right door to solve your security issues. You should also consider which materials will require more maintenance in terms of regular painting, cleaning and rust prevention. Your budget should also be considered. Some of the different door types you will come across when considering the safety for your Melton home are steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium doors. A popular choice when it comes to security doors is aluminium as it is very lightweight. It is resistant to corrosion so you can even install this in a coastal area. Because of these properties, aluminium security doors require very little maintenance. There is a sleekness to these doors and they can easily complement a modern home as a result.

A timeless option for security doors is cast iron and this is a material with exceptional strength.

There is also an elegance in a cast iron security door. This is a very durable material and you can customise it to a very high level by choosing different decorative patterns, ornate details and designs. If you are looking for a vintage or traditional appearance for the home, this is a good option to consider. But you need to carry out regular maintenance for cast iron doors such as painting them to prevent rusting. Another material that is known for its corrosion resistance is stainless steel. These doors have a lot of strength and durability. You can find stainless steel security doors installed in many commercial and industrial buildings. You can also choose different finishes for these doors such as powdercoated, brushed or polished. This depends on your preferences as well as the overall design of the building. Stainless steel security doors have low maintenance and you can use them in environments with harsh weather conditions. This can be considered a good investment for your home.

For high strength and protection,

You can consider a steel door. Steel security doors come with reinforced frames. These also have multiple locking points which can deter forced entry to the building. There are different finishes and designs available for steel security doors. It depends on your preferences whether you are going for a decorative or minimal style. You can paint the steel door to match the colour scheme of your home so that it blends in with the overall design. To prevent rust, you will need to repaint them just like you would with cast iron doors. As a result, steel doors tend to be quite high maintenance.