Five Things to Know Before Selecting a Painting Contractor

Five Things to Know Before Selecting a Painting Contractor

The exterior of your home is the first step towards making a good first impression. Your house’s façade is the first thing guests will notice before walking through your front door and thus it deserves a great paint job. Painting the exterior of a house can be a daunting task and most especially difficult when one is inexperienced. Thus looking for a pristine painter will evidently pay off. Choosing a painter requires a number of factors to consider. And the fact is that different painting companies have big differences when it comes to philosophy, workmanship, commitment, and experience. Identifying the right contractor entails you, the homeowner, to ask several questions. But no worries. Here are five tips to know before selecting your painting contractor for your Australian home.

Make Sure to Construct a Plan Beforehand

Before getting a paint contractor for your home, make sure to construct a plan. Know exactly what you want the paint to be and the materials and brand of paint to be used. Getting it right the first time keeps costs down. Make sure to strongly emphasize to your choice of the contractor the need for proper preparations and that these agreements are well documented in the contract that will be signed between parties.

Require a Written Estimate for the Paint Job

Before you say yes, make sure to seek and require a written estimate for the paint job from each of the contractors of your choice. This estimate should strictly include the labor and material costs, the brand of the materials and paint to be used, and the number of coats for the primer and paint, among others. Make sure to have a written list to ensure proper documentation.

Get a Verification on Their Past Paint Jobs and Comments from Previous Customers

One way to make sure that they are fit for the job is by asking those who have previously availed of their services. Getting a list of their past clients and inquiring to them about their performance and speed during the course of the work are essential things to know before hiring them. Having a verification on their past paint jobs and getting comments from previous customers ensures that you are knowledgeable about the investment you will be undertaking.

Request a Guarantee for Work Quality

A good house painter Adelaide is confident of their work and more than happy to provide a formal guarantee against irregularities that might occur after a couple of months or years once the job has been done. So don’t just agree to a painter that tells you it is not necessary since the paint itself has a warranty.

Make Sure to Demand a Detailed Contract

If anything goes wrong, that only thing that can save you and ensure a money back guarantee is through a written document. Thus, make sure to demand a detailed contract. This vital piece of paper should include all the necessary information pertaining to the details of the painting contractor you’ll be getting.