Great Tips for Maintaining Your Printer

Great Tips for Maintaining Your Printer

With advancements in technology, offices become upgraded continuously with new equipment coming in and old ones being discarded. While certain technologies get replaced entirely by more convenient ways of doing things, something that’s still essential to the workplace is the ‘good ol’’ printer.

Whether you work in a bank, a retail shop, a graphics design firm or a government office, printers are most likely a mandatory resource to your day-to-day tasks. Because of its high frequency of use, it is very important that they work properly all the time.  Otherwise there may be interruptions in workflow and a decrease in your productivity. 

Hence, knowing how to perform maintenance on your printer can be a very useful skill. Not only will you ensure that your own work isn’t delayed but potentially everyone else’s as well.  Here are some great tips to help you out:

Take Precautions

Even if it’s just a printer, you should always take care when you attempt to service it. After all, it’s an electronic gadget with moving parts inside of it. Therefore, before you open it up, make sure that it’s not plugged in and try to always keep your fingers away from components that could start moving if someone else was to suddenly turn on the printer.

Take Care of Printer Heads

There’s nothing more annoying that trying to get something printed and seeing blank inkless strips across what’s on the paper. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is check whether the ink cartridges are empty. If the printer you’re working with has a screen and an interface (like most Fuji Xerox ones), use it to go to the control panel and check on the ‘Supply Status’. Otherwise, you’ll have to check using any computer that’s connected to the printer and has its software installed.

If the fact is that you’re not running out of ink, then it’s most likely that you’re printer heads need to be cleaned out. While most printers these days will initiate a self-cleaning procedure with the press of a few buttons, older models will have to be manually cleaned. If the latter is true, then we highly recommend that you read the official manual instead of just sticking to general instructions.

Clean Your Printer Often

One of the leading reasons for printer jams is the collection of dust and other particles in the interior. In order to prevent this, we recommend that you have a scheduled cleaning regiment for the printer. Ask your manager to purchase a small hand-held vacuum cleaner so that you can easily remove dust. You may also need to use a cotton swab to reach small gaps between parts. If you’re dealing with a new model, you should definitely read a manual first and make adjust your cleaning procedure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Keep Parts Handy

Waiting around for replacements parts can mean delays in office work. If you’re in the middle of a very important task, this can be a huge problem.  Therefore, we suggest that you keep at least some replacement parts in the office, so that you can get the printer up and running again quickly.

If you follow all of these tips, you’ll never have to worry about printer problems causing work delays ever again.