Great Ways To Ensure Your Employees Are Taking Care Of Their Mental Health

Great Ways To Ensure Your Employees Are Taking Care Of Their Mental Health

Your employees are the driving force behind the success of your company, so it’s not surprising that many employers nowadays are interested in not only their employee’s health in general but their mental wellbeing as well. If you too are interested, here are 6 great tips to ensure your employees are taking care of their mental health and wellbeing.

Break The Silence; Be The Boss You’ve Always Wanted

Cut the distance between employer and employee. Be the supportive and understanding boss that you have always wanted. Break the silence when you feel your employee is struggling with work or with personal issues. Don’t be the boss that creates tension and a negative environment; be the boss that is the reinforcing wind under their sails. Remember the golden rule when handling employees; praise in public, but rebuke in private.

Work Environment Needs To Be Friendly And Comfortable

If you followed the above tip, then a comfortable work environment is inevitable. But if you want to ensure this comfort is long-standing, encourage your employees to socialize together out of work as well. One of the best ways to do is to make them participate in ice-breaking activities and games in office, and to take them out for meals after work.

Lunch Time Should Be Work Free

Discourage eating at the desk. Eating at the desk not only cuts down their break from work (which is very important for mental health), but is also form clutter and promotes un-cleanliness around their work space. This can not only be irritating and unhealthy, it can also stunt productivity; making them work less and create more stress.

Make It Mandatory To Take Days Off After A Challenging Project

For those with stressful jobs that demand mental sharpness, grinding and pushing beyond their capacity to meet a deadline is quite normal. Though staring at a computer screen and being seated for hours on end is definitely unhealthy, it is inevitable when handling a challenging project. To make sure they truly relax and rejuvenate their mind after a particularly challenging project has been concluded, send them off to a wellness camp right after the project is done. Look for the leading health retreats in Melbourne for the best package deals that suit your employees and their age group.

Give Your Stressed Employees The Care They Need

Depending on the nature of your company, stressed out employees can be the norm. This is especially true if most of their tasks involve mental grinding. However, if your work nature does not call for so much mental pressure, then chances are that your employees may be having problems in their private life. Talking to them, being supportive and providing a shoulder can help a great deal¾but only if they accept it. It’s much better to have an in house counsellor to help them out in instances like this.

Promote Exercising And Living Healthy

We all know that taking care of our physical form helps a great deal to keep our mental health thriving. Encourage your employees to eat healthy and be in shape. You could even “reward them” for achieving body goals or being the “fittest employee of the month”. Even something as small as being able to leave early on a Friday should be reward enough for most.