How Has Covid Changed the Way We Socialize?

How Has Covid Changed the Way We Socialize?

The battle against the pandemic has become never ending, the minute we think that there is some form of normalcy possible, countries and communities are once again hit. While some countries still recover others have found ways to accommodate and lower restrictions as much as possible. Vaccinations have become a must so that people affected will be controlled.

However even with all the preventions our lifestyles have forever changed. Our social structures have been altered and as much as it did take people by surprise, we have no choice but to change too. Little to no interaction takes place even though restaurants and social places are open so in order for these places to still function, they have had to adapt with creative ways to still provide a service to their customers.

Curb side pickups and outdoor dining

Both these options have been available at some restaurant, but now it has become a must. Restaurants are no longer allowed to crowd up their interior space like before, especially for bars and pubs where crowds are what create the ambience. However now it has become mandatory to spread people out as much as possible.

In order to accommodate this many restaurants have made outdoor dining attractive. People are and will always be social so if they are provided with a safe and attractive place to eat, they will still come. Pick-ups are the next best option in times restaurants cannot accommodate people inside, as they are still able to earn from sales.

Prior booking

Back before the pandemic all we had to do was make our way to a restaurant and walk in, however now that is not allowed as prior bookings are a must. In order to plan space accommodation most restaurants have asked clients to book their table in advance at a certain time slot. This relieves the pressure the restaurant may have to ensure they are following guidelines and provide a safe and sanitary space.

Restrict interaction

When we take a seat at restaurant, we are used to having the menu handed to us however now instead, we are given a QR code to scan in order to view the menu. This is restricting contact and the use of shared menus. This method has deemed to be worth it as many people now prefer this way or ordering too.

The other improvement is having table ordering app for restaurants. Instead of having someone come over and take your order, you can simply place the order through the app and pay via a card transfer. This further limit contact between people and provides a safer dining experience.

Track movement

In order for restaurants to see just how best they function with the new restrictions is best they find a way to handle it. This is by tracking the peak and off-peak times. Take into account when they should be prepared for people, the type of person visiting and create a database to track the movements within the restaurant.