How to Build A Nursery?

How to Build A Nursery?

Expecting parents are willing to do anything to make everything perfect for their unborn child, they want the environment such that when the baby comes to this world the baby feels comfortable and provided with the best of everything. Building a nursery can be stressful because the parents want to make the perfect choices and build it beautiful for their baby.

Insulation for the wall

Before you start adding the furniture, inspect the wall and add insulation if there is no insulation. When selecting insulation, select one that prevents mould. Getting proper insulation can keep the air inside very clean, and insulted room will help block all the noise from outside giving the baby a peaceful environment to sleep.

Try to install a dry wall

New paint, carpeting and furniture can release a lot of chemicals. Before bringing in any furniture to the room it’s good to air out the furniture to get rid of the chemicals. There are certain dry walls which when installed can turn formaldehyde a toxic chemical into an inert chemical that provides a safer environment for the baby.

Careful when picking paint

Paint can release chemicals which can be harmful to the baby, therefore when choosing paint for the baby room pick paints that are volatile organic compound free. And another thing is once you paint the room leave the paint to dry completely at least 48 hours and air out the room properly before using it.

Consider hardwood flooring

You might consider adding carpet throughout the floor but try to stick to hardwood flooring, because carpets can attract dirt and dust mites making It unsuitable for the baby and hardwood is much easier to clean. You can consider adding an area rug than placing carpets. And even with rugs make sure that they are volatile organic compound free and use a rug pad to prevent slips.

The look of the room

Depending on your preference you can select a paint that would most suit the nursery and even add plantation blind to the window to achieve a beautiful look. You can obtain alfresco blind quotes before proceeding. Another thing you can add is frames or other details of decoration.

Baby furniture

Crib is the essential part of the nursery, when buying the crib assess the stability and durability of the crib, this is where your baby is going to spend most of their time and sometimes you are going to leave them unattended. Get a crib with adjustable mattress height and that is strong. Beware of getting second hand because those may have poor standards and may not be safe for the baby.

An area for mother and baby

Get furniture which is comfy which you could use for breast feeding or cuddling the baby, getting a rocker chair is comfortable.

Small wardrobe

This is to store the baby’s clothes the diaper and towels.


This should be considered very carefully, too bright light can disrupt the sleep of the baby, insert bulbs that are not too bright.