How to Build Trust in a Company

How to Build Trust in a Company

Trust between co-workers is an essential ingredient of a company’s success. When there’s enough trust between employees, it is easier for them to work together to achieve a common goal. While it’s hard to control the trust level of the entire company, you can actually start small and soon it will resonate. Try promoting trust in your own environment with the immediate employees you always work with. Building trust even on new employees is necessary for a team to be successful.

Human resources managers and line managers are the one’s responsible in creating ways on how to build trust at the workplace. If you’re not sure what kind of approach a company needs as of the moment, talk to Collectiveiq consultants to know which works best.

Choose Who to Hire and Promote

Choose ones who are capable of trusting their subordinates when hiring or promoting employees for supervisory positions. The way a supervisor treats subordinates is important in building trust between employees. A positive and trusting attitude is one of the traits of successful team.

Develop their Skills

Take note of the employees who are striving to get promoted or are already holding a supervisory title in your company. Make sure to hone their interpersonal relationship skills so they are able to build trust with their co-workers and share the positivity on other teams.

Open Communication

Another way in keeping the trust of employees is to keep them informed about everything. Let them know when there’s a problem or any other situation that needs their awareness. Give just the right amount of information in a calm and comfortable manner

Be Trustworthy

Team leaders who appear to be trustworthy get better cooperation and less complaint from employees and subordinates. Make sure not to miss any commitments and be open in explaining certain situations to them. The more they trust the leader, the better they perform for a common goal.

Confront Important Issues

If you have issues or problems regarding an employee, the best thing to do as the team leader is to confront them in a positive way. By doing so, you get to address the problem situation at the same time build trust with other employees who are observing you.

Protect the Name of Everyone

Never talk negatively about an employee whether they’re present or not. Find ways to preserve the name and dignity of an employee. Employees surely trust those who don’t talk about them in vain.

Never Lie About Your Capabilities

Some employees don’t admit that they don’t know something, especially when they are on higher positions. However, pretending to know can sometime lead to serious problems later on. There’s nothing wrong with admitting what you don’t know and asking for help. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge if you ask.


Make sure to be attentive and respectful when other employees are talking to you. Observe and feel what your employees need to make them work more productively.

There are so many approaches that could help establish trust between employees. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice.