How to Design a Productive Office

How to Design a Productive Office

Modernizing the workplace is fast becoming a priority for businesses. It’s not just about saving face and building your reputation (which admittedly are pretty big factors), it’s also about factoring in efficiency and functionality into these trends to create that enviable, productive office. From digital whiteboards to virtual reality engagements and other cutting-edge solutions, each business has to evaluate what’s best for their needs. Here are some tips you’ll need to create a productive, modernized space.

Efficient Layouts

Your workplace reflects the functionality of your organization. The more efficient it is, the better. First, think of your employees. Will the space suit their needs? Do they have everything at their fingertips and enough storage space to top it? Also (yet another common error) are your printers and copiers left in places where noise is more of an issue? It’s the little things like this that can maximize the convenience of your space and workers love a convenient work setting. Also consider your clients. Where have you placed the conference room? Will your clients have to through a maze of documents to get to it? Your room locations to play a key role.

Connected Technology

If the technology in your workplace doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t belong. Frankly, it’s easy to get caught up in all the latest inventions and want to include them in the workplace but you have to consider what’s a distraction and what’s an enhancer. This will help employees around the building communicate with ease.

Collaborative Space

It’s best to have a single, collaborative space for the team to work together while it could also as a conference room for clients. Consider a glass replacement of those clustering solid walls. This will give you a less confined yet sleek look to your office space, where employees will be enticed to come and work just for the sake of inspiration. Make sure you’ve got interesting décor to match, this will just complete the package.

Lighting and Sound

Poor light and a noisy workspace are a recipe that spells out drastically reduced performance. Firstly, consider introducing as much natural lighting as possible. Expand your use of windows and only then rely on artificial light. This creates a healthy, open space for your employees to work and the view could also inspire them further!


Lay down a rule where your employees have to clean up their desk regularly so that it prevents them from building up extra documents, office supplies, papers etc. Your desk isn’t storage space, so don’t treat it like one. De-clutter and give yourself room to breathe and think. Having an organized workspace could very well reflect on your performance. Also, encourage employees to put out personal items, photos etc on their desk for a unique, homely personalized feel.

The office space is where you spend more than 40 hours of your week. It’s meant to enhance and inspire performance. While technological solutions are blooming, without doubt, think more of how you can personally use and make improvements to your space.