How to Make Your Periods Feel Less Bleak and More Comfortable?

How to Make Your Periods Feel Less Bleak and More Comfortable?

Period pain and discomfort is something almost every woman experience, though it varies in intensity. If you’re of the few who can go through your day to day living barely paying attention to your periods, then count yourself lucky! If you’re not, and experience bad pain and discomfort once every month, here are a few things you can do to make these few days less bleak and more comfortable.

Dealing with The Pain

Most women are told from a very young age that having pain and discomfort during your periods is normal. This is only partially true. Having pain is normal, but not when it interferes with your life. Most importantly, this pain should reduce by the time you hit 21 years of age. If this is not the case with you, consult a gynaecologist. At the least, you’ll be prescribed a painkiller to help deal with the pain each month.

Making Sure You’ve Fed Yourself

Eating well definitely helps with the pain and discomfort, but most women have a hard time finding their appetite during their periods. Do your best to eat healthy meals during the most painful days of your cycle. If you have a regular cycle, try to make a few make-ahead-meals, so that you need not put a lot of effort to feed yourself while you’re in pain. Protein rich smoothies are also a great idea during this period.

Making Your Cold Feet Warm

Most women experience cold feet during their periods. Not only is this uncomfortable, it also aggravates the pain for some. Wearing warm woollen socks, and comfortable, fuzzy house slippersis best to increase the temperature. If you only experience this discomfort at night, consider wearing socks to bed. You can always take it off if it gets too warm.

A Hot Pack for The Aching Stomach

Hot packs and hot water bottles are excellent for battling the discomfort caused by stomach cramps. There are plenty of these available to purchase, and plenty of DIYs showing you how to make it yourself. Electric blankets are also an excellent idea here.

Hot Skin Appropriate Clothing

Some women experience hot flashes and clammy skin during their periods. Some feel extremely hot after their chills pass. The best thing to do is to wear your comfortable clothing in layers, so that you can adjust your body’s temperature as it changes. Light summery clothes combined with cardigans are your best bet.

Keeping Yourself Clean

Though it takes a lot of effort and drains you temporarily of your energy, washing yourself and keeping yourself clean during this period is a great way to make yourself comfortable. This is especially a good idea if you sweat a lot due to the pain. If showering (in warm water) is not an option, do your best to at least wash your face and change your clothes. It makes a bigger difference than you’d think.

Feeding Your Indulgences 

Think of your periods as your time off. If you have the luxury of taking a day off from work, do so. If your body is craving chocolates or something clearly indulgent and unhealthy, give in to this craving; but make sure you compensate for it the rest of the month. If resting all day in bed is all you’re capable of, this too is completely normal…