How to Teach Your Kids about Healthy Eating

How to Teach Your Kids about Healthy Eating

Teaching kids about healthy eating can seem challenging especially when they are completely surrounded by and exposed to a world of junk food. Here are some ways to help encourage healthy eating in kids. One rule however, is to always start early, when they are as young as babies.  

Engage in Positive Chatter

It is important to speak to kids positively when you intend to teach them healthy eating. Always emphasize on the good things that could happen if they ate a certain healthy item such as fruit or vegetables. Avoid talking about negative factors such as weight gain or obesity, or talking about obese people in an attempt to explain negative consequences of unhealthy eating.

Try your best to weave information naturally during a conversation or while you chat. Whenever you want to emphasize on nutritional information, keep it simple and precise: tell them shortly and simply, how great carrots are for their eyes as you hand them a bowl of boiled carrots or a carrot salad. 

Set Examples

Children are likely to learn more effectively from what they see and witness, then what they hear. Thus, as parents, you need to practice healthy eating yourself. This isn’t simply about choosing healthy foods and snacks. You could also show them how you choose to replace sweet foods, such as a strawberry milkshake with healthier options like a fruit salad or so.

Kids are usually inquisitive and are likely to wonder why you had to replace your milkshake with fruit salad permanently. It could be a great way to start a conversation on healthy eating or give out simple explanations that you’d been intending to do for a while. Similarly, you can hand them interesting healthy snacks, such as a seasonal dried organic fruit mix and talk about how it could be better (and more fun) snacking on them instead of colourful candies or gummy bears. 

Ask Questions

As mentioned before, talking about nutrition and the benefits of healthy food in a normal, everyday conversation is a great way to help children think about and understand the whole idea. Older kids are likely to learn simple concepts of healthy eating, and so, it is a good idea to ask them questions while you are at the table having lunch or dinner.

Questions about where foods come from, how they are made, and what ingredients are used for what should help them recall what they know. If they have not learnt some of these things yet, it’s the best time to teach them yourself!

Have Fun!

Fun games are always the answer when you want to reinforce learning. There is so much you can do to have fun and play games based on the concept of healthy food and healthy eating. When you are out shopping for grocery, get your kids to hunt for top 3 healthiest food items they can find in the supermarket.

Play word games that include words connected to healthy eating. As for toddlers, you could make rainbows on their plate using colourful fruits and veggies, or cut them up in different shapes. These games are sure to induce some sort of conversation about healthy eating, no doubt!