Impact of Dental Implants on Your Smile

Impact of Dental Implants on Your Smile

Your confidence will get a boost when you have a radiant smile. Often, when there is missing teeth, people tend to be quite self-conscious. But dental implants are a good solution to this as your oral health will also improve along with your smile.

Dental implant methods such as all on 4 dental implants can help restore the aesthetics of your smile. Traditionally, dentures or bridges are used to transform the smile but this can have a more or less artificial appearance. But with dental implants, the appearance is more natural. These implants can be customised to that they match the shape, size and colour of your natural teeth so that it integrates easily with your smile. This can lead to a more uniform looking result. You can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth thanks to dental implants and this will transform the overall appearance of your teeth. The dental implants have a big impact on your facial structure as well. It will prevent bone loss preserving your facial structure so that you don’t need to worry about your facial appearance changing. Usually, when you lose a tooth, the underlying jawbone will deteriorate gradually over time as it is no longer stimulated by the root of the tooth. Some of the changes that can result from this is having a sunken or aged appearance. Your oral function will also be affected by this.

Dental implants

Can act as artificial tooth roots as these are implanted into the jawbone surgically. This will help provide the stimulation required for the jawbone so that bone density can be maintained. You will be able to maintain a more youthful appearance as a result. Your oral function will be affected by missing teeth as you will find it challenging to speak, chew or smile. But the stability of your bite and chewing function will be restored by dental implants so that you can enjoy a varied diet. You don’t need to worry about restricting your diet. Removable dentures have a drawback where they are prone to slip or shift when you are speaking or eating. But because the dental implants are anchored in your jawbone, these implants will be secure and give more stability. You will be able to smile confidently an chew comfortably with the help of dental implants.

You will be able to enjoy a stable tooth replacement with dental implants

And they will function the same as your natural teeth. While removable dentures can irritate the gums or cause discomfort, you will not have the same experience with dental implants as these will integrate with the jawbone seamlessly so that a comfortable fit can be achieved. You will be able to speak clearly without worrying about the dentures slipping out. With proper maintenance, your dental implants will last a lifetime. Traditional tooth replacement options will need repairs, adjustments or replacement after some time but you can actually consider dental implants as a permanent solution. This means you don’t need to worry about the costs for replacement or ongoing maintenance.