Important Guidelines to Maintain Your Vehicle

Important Guidelines to Maintain Your Vehicle

Check out these guides to take care of your vehicle the right way.

Check the Brakes on a Regular Basis

If you drive your vehicle in heavy traffic and have a lot of miles put up in the odometer, it is always good to check up a few times on the brakes of your vehicle. There are a few particular signs that you should look out for; squealing of the brakes in a high pitched noise when you hit them, the vibration of the steering wheel when the vehicle is slowing down or coming to a stop, grinding noises that are heard as clucking of metals, a foul smell, and a comparatively slower time to stop. If you notice any of these signs, you have to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.

The final sign that your brakes need to be replaced is their complete dysfunction.

Maintainthe Gearbox Properly

Make sure to keep checking the fluid in the transmission on a regular basis. However, it does not matter how regularly you take care of the transmission fluid unless you have the right kind of the fluid. Also try to always get the transmission of the vehicle get flushed on a frequent basis. If your car has an automatic transmission you will have to consult specialists for automatic gearbox servicing Brisbane. Plus it is important that you let the vehicle heat up before you take it out for a drive. Also, know to not change gears while the car is in drive.

Maintain Proper Condition of the Tires

Maintenance of the condition of the tires in the best way possible is a great way to avoid hazardous accidents and costly damages. Make sure that you check the conditions of your tires at least once a month. It is important to check the pressure of the tires at least once a month and ideally every time you gas up the vehicle. You can refer to the vehicle manual and check to see if the PSI is up to level.

Maintaining the Alignment and Balance of the Tires

Keeping the tires balanced helps the vehicle from being worn out. Make sure you constantly maintain properly aligned tires in order to stop your vehicle from being pulled away to a side. You can get the balancing and aligning done just when you are getting an oil change or replacing the tires that are worn out.

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How Often Should You Change Oil?

The number of times and the frequency of changing oil is often considered a myth. For many years, the expert mechanics have recommended vehicle owners to change the oil every 3000 miles. However, in the modern era, the manufacturers of the automobiles suggest to change the oil of the engine somewhere between 7000 and 9000 miles.

Even though you have gotten an oil change in your vehicle, make sure that you keep track of the mileage on your own to ensure that you know when to take back the vehicle to the mechanic.