Keeping Your House Safe from Thieves

Keeping Your House Safe from Thieves

Having a secure house is as important as having a beautiful house. Burglars are present everywhere and although there is law implemented burglaries are still a problem in many places. There are many ways that you can try to keep your home safe.

Check the doors

This is the first step if you want to keep your house safe make sure to keep the doors and windows locked. There may be many exits and entrances to your house may be through a back door, so when checking for the windows and doors make sure to look into all of them.

If you have moved into a new house you might be unsure of how many people would have the key so when you enter a new house first thing ask for the locks to be changed. You can even add reinforcement to make it more secure, like installing a dead bolt, using a smart lock or adding a doorbell with a video there by you will be able to see who might be at the entrance.

Reinforce the windows

Sliding windows makes it very easy for burglars to enter. What you can do to ensure safety is to add window bars, this is a bit old school but it prevents the burglars from entering the house other things you can do is add a sensor when the glass breaks so this would inform you if anything has happened to the window and might even scare away the thieves.

Keep valuable things safe

There are common places that we keep the valuables like in the cupboard drawers, dressing table drawers or the nightstand which makes it very easy for the thieves to access as they are already aware of the common hide outs. To keep your valuables safe, you can either place them in a bank locker or invest in a good safe that cannot be easily compromised. Check out a website find more about safes and lockers.

Keep the lights on

Burglars love the dark because it makes what they do to go unnoticed and when the home is lighted, they know they can be easily found. Keep your front yard and back yard lighting, these are the main routes that they enter from. Place lights along the pathway, near the garage and generally outdoors. You can make it even more secure by installing motion activated lights or putting the outdoor lights on timer.

Secure your Wi-Fi

Hacking into the Wi-Fi makes it very accessible to the home network by entering into your internet connection your personal and financial data can be compromised, so make sure to hide your network, use a strong password, use a firewall, have an antivirus program, activate the Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) encryption.

Trim the bushes and grown plants

Having tall bushes and plants makes it an ideal place to hide so cut down and trim what has grown too much

Security cameras

Installing a security camera is a very effective way of adding protection, install a camera with features like motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi facilities and weather proof.