Maintenance Tips For Aluminum Doors

Maintenance Tips For Aluminum Doors

One material that is newly available in the market for doors is the aluminum door frames and structures apart from the wooden and fiberglass etc. As a material, aluminum is affordable, strong, lightweight and durable. It can be used for the internal doors as well as external doors. Another fact to remember is that it’s possible to color the aluminum with different paint to suit your house theme.

Aluminum doors are designed in such a way that they can withstand all types of weather conditions. When you follow the best maintenance tips, you can get great service from the aluminum frames. After installation, they require care and a good clean up to last longer without any replacements.

Here are some guidelines to follow after installing aluminum doors to last its structure and look evergreen for a longer period.

Frame Cleaning

The aluminum parts need to be kept dry at all times. Cleanse the frames regularly with a solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent using a squeegee or cloth or with a standard bristled brush.

Clean The Glass

the glass surface which is covered by the aluminum frame needs to be is important to use mild soapy water as a cleaning solution and a very soft sponge on the glass surface which should be followed by drying using a soft cloth to remove water from the glass, and the hinges to protect it from the risk of damage due to leave out water particles. Do not wash the glass when its surface is hot. Moreover, keep in mind not to allow the soap solution dry on the exterior. A high-pressure basis of water such as a hosetube should not be used. This may leak into the wall assembly and cause harm.


It is advised to lubricate the locks and handles using silicone spray. A high compression of water should not be used. This may seep into the wall assembly and cause damage, but you should not use cheap oil or grease as a lubricant in this case. You can try using a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the set-in dirt. Elude the usage of sharp items to do this. It may root damage or may scratch the powder coating. Any deposit or mark for a prolonged time may damage the metal, so the frequency of cleansing is a vital step to be followed.

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Unclog The Tracks

If not cleaned dirt and debris may often get accumulated in these tracks restricting the motion of aluminum sliding aluminum doors, any sort of flush remains need to be removed cautiously afore they are left to parched. If ignored, heavy corrosion may lead to staining.

The regular maintenance helps you to keep commercial aluminum doors in a good working condition, apart from enhancing their overall durability.