Most Common Repairs on a Toyota Hilux

Most Common Repairs on a Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is one of the top selling vehicles in Australia. Even though it has a luxurious feel attached to it, it is also popular among car owners who love to go on an off-road adventure and still need to go on a regular drive to work or school during weekdays. Other people also love the big cargo space it has at the back, perfect for loading stocks and other different stuff they like.

Just like other vehicles, your Toyota Hilux needs regular maintenance and some repairs from time to time. Here are some of the most common issues you would face in your journey with this vehicle.

Replacement of Water Pump

The water pump maintains the temperature of the engine by letting the coolant flow through the engine and radiator. With wear and tear, this part could leak and needs to be replaced. It might be hard to discover a leaking water pump on a Hilux since mostly the leaking coolant already evaporates before it even reaches the ground due to the residual heat of the engine. However, a larger leak would definitely be obvious because of the pink coolant puddle that forms under the vehicle. Be sure to address this issue immediately by replacing it with quality Hilux parts to prevent it from getting worse.

Replacement of Fuel Injector and Seal

Older models of Toyota Hilux commonly have this issue because of its design. A faulty fuel injector and fuel injector seal causes some of the combustion gas to get in and mix with engine oil. Because of the excess heat, the engine oil could harden and carbonize, causing blockages and engine failure at the worst case. To avoid this problem, be sure to stick to your car’s maintenance schedule and keep an eye on the performance of your vehicle from time to time.

Alternator Failing

Another common issue among Toyota Hilux is the alternator failing. When the engine is running, this part charges the battery as well as sends the electrical current needed by various systems of the vehicle. Through time, this part would wear out and won’t be that efficient anymore in providing the right charging voltage. Your car might have this problem if you notice a battery light on the dashboard or the electrical systems keep going in and out.

Replacing the Clutch

If you love a regular off-road adventure, clutch issues are one of the most common issues you’ll experience. The stock clutch of Hilux isn’t really built for heavy off-road driving, although, it works really great with regular commute. You’ll notice your car’s clutch slipping when you go for an intense off-road drive or even towing. If you experience this, all you need to do is replace your current clutch with a heavy duty one so it could handle heavier drives without failing.

Keep your Hilux at its tip-top shape by following the regular maintenance schedule and addressing problems and issues immediately when you notice the first signs of it.