Must-Have Accessories for Your Jeep Wrangler

Must-Have Accessories for Your Jeep Wrangler

This list is designed for new to intermediate Jeep owners seeking for suggestions on all the various modifications you may make to your Jeep. Although some of these Jeep additions are more for show than for function and some can hurt your wallet, they all have their uses

Air Compressor

When wheeling, a powerful air compressor could be a very useful tool. You’ll need to re-inflate your tires for road driving after a full day of exploring the terrain, however not all off-road parks make compressors available. Although if they do, there will probably be a big line, just as there was when you picked up your park sticker. An integrated system will significantly shorten the time spent airing up and enable you to return home more quickly.

Air Intake

A cold air intake can be the appropriate adjustment for you if your Jeep seems like it chokes when you press the gas or if you simply want a bit more performance from your Jeep. Some Jeepers may argue that you don’t need to replace your OEM air intake since the improvements you will notice won’t be significant, especially if you don’t install any other performance accessories like a performance muffler. A snorkel might be more appropriate if you do intend to take your Jeep off-roading, especially if you plan to cross water. A cold air intake is a nice option if your Jeep is solely used on public roads.


An alternator is one of those components which most drivers just ignore until their electrical system fails or they find themselves stranded and in need of a jump. A heavy-duty alternator could be the best option for you if you have auxiliary lights, a winch (which is likely your most energy-intensive accessory), an aftermarket audio, a mobile refrigerator, and all the other goods on this list. Furthermore, an alternator that can maintain both batteries completely charged without missing a beat will be appreciated if you’ve already changed to dual batteries.

A Body Armor

If you want to go rock crawling, this should beone your must-have jeep accessories list. This update might not be appropriate if you just intend to drive on muddy trails or if your Jeep serves as your everyday transportation. Body armour might significantly increase the weight of your vehicle, but it’s worth it to protect the body of your Jeep. Remember that they only offer protection at low speeds, so they will probably sustain damage if you are struck by a car or if you lose control while someone is protecting your beverage.


Even in its basic, bare-bones form, a Jeep is already a fantastic car, but one thing I don’t like are the OEM Jeep bumpers. They simply appear so unremarkable. In truth, the majority of steel custom bumpers for Jeeps are significantly superior quality than OEM, and there are countless variations to fit your preferences. There are many different brands and designs available at all different price ranges, but getting one with a winch mount built in is a wise choice. Additionally, a custom bumper will give your Jeep a badass look!