Must-Have Maternity Clothing Every Pregnant Woman Should Have

Must-Have Maternity Clothing Every Pregnant Woman Should Have

Not everyone has the budget to completely overhaul their closet during pregnancy. Most women still wear their pre-pregnancy clothes during pregnancy, as long as it still fits comfortably. However, it might not look that stylish or flattering for your current figure since it is not cut for that silhouette.

Shopping for maternity clothes is what you need but with so many options and pieces to choose from, it could be confusing which ones to get. Here are some of the basic maternity must-haves to help you know which pieces to invest in especially when you’re shopping on a budget.

Long Tank or Top

Extra-long tops or tanks are one of the perfect pieces for maternity wear, especially when you’re still transitioning into pre-pregnancy clothes and full maternity ones. They keep everything in your belly tucked in and hidden – for instance, if you’re using that hair-elastic trick to button your old jeans. It also serves as a perfect under layer for sweaters or blouses that are a little bit short. They also give an impression of a flowing silhouette, giving you a sleeker and chic look.

Maternity Leggings and Jeans

Not all women are comfy with dresses and long skirts during pregnancy. If you’re one of them, maternity leggings and jeans are the best pieces for you to invest in. Basically, they look good on almost any top that you pair them as long as the colour combo is just right.

To make it easier to mix and match, choose neutral colours such as black, grey, navy, cream, and other earthy tones. Unlike regular jeans and leggings, maternity ones are designed to accommodate a pregnant figure so it fits perfectly and won’t roll down so much while you move around. For stylish pregnancy clothes Australia has a lot of great shops to choose from.

Patterned Top Layer

When you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that your outfit should look boring or tasteless. Invest on a few pieces of patterned or printed over layers such as jackets, kimono-style blazer, cardigan, and other similar items. The patterns and prints add a punch on your overall outfit plus adding more warmth during those cooler days. Simply pair them with neutrals like a plain white tee and jeans or black leggings and you’re good to go.

A-line Dress

Who said you can’t wear cute dresses during pregnancy? An A-line dress is one of the best pieces you could invest in. Aside from looking stylish, it is also versatile since you can wear it on almost any stage of your pregnancy. During the early months, you can add a belt around it for a fitter and chic look. Lose the belt on the later trimesters for more space and a comfortable fit. Whether you’re going out to the office or going to a party, an A-line dress is an easy and perfect pick.

There’s no need to break the bank when shopping for maternity clothes. Investing on the right type of pieces is all that you need.