People to Hire for Your Next Office Event

People to Hire for Your Next Office Event

Office events always need careful planning and preparation. This is because you are not just planning another party. How you plan it and how well it goes is a reflection of your company’s image. This is why you need to hire professional help to take care of certain tasks. Keep reading to find out some of the people you need to call when preparing for a company event and why you need them.

Party Planners

Your boss might have trusted you with the event coordination but this is not an easy task that one person can do themselves. With all the work and responsibilities that comes with planning, it is necessary to delegate work to others, including the process of party planning.

Party planners or event planners are not only there to help you with organising the day; they will also come with a large network of contacts – from venues, entertainment groups and caterers etc. You can easily get their help from finding a place to host to help you finalise a guest list.


Office events intend to impress an audience. This means everything you deliver need to be in top quality, including the food and the service of food. Calling a catering company means you are getting skilled professionals to handle the preparation of food, serving a good menu and the clean-up after the event.

When you are communicating the party menu goals with the caterers make sure to get a menu with different choices so that even those with special diets or dietary restrictions will have food options at the event. Professional food services will also ensure safety and hygiene of the food.

Audio Visual Technicians

This is not a necessity for all types of parties. But if you need some extra microphones or screens or projectors at the venue, and if your company cannot provide the required amount, then you need to consider this.

Technicians can provide up-to-date equipment that will help your event run without delays. In addition to this, this is far more convenient than letting a company colleague handle the day. Rather than running off to find the company tech-wiz in case of an emergency, you will have people skilled and ready to operate equipment at any given time.


There is no rule that says an office party cannot have fun. While most of the games can be organised by the office party committee, sometimes, it is better to hire entertainment groups from outside. You can look for well-known presenters to host the event, talent acts, singers or party bands for hire or even celebrities.

Don’t hire too many groups and acts together or it can make it very difficult to coordinate the event and meet the event goals. Instead hire one or two acts to make sure the party is interesting and not just formal and boring.


No one really wants to stay after the party to clean up. If you are hosting the event at a separate venue sometimes the venue offers a cleaning staff. But this is something you need to discuss beforehand.

If not, or if your event is held at the company premises, you will need a separate cleaning staff to take care of the place once everyone leaves. Most of the office planning committee will be tired or drunk or both. A professional cleaning group can make sure the venue is as good as new after the event.

While doing certain parts of the planning by you is a great way to save your company money, some things need a professional touch. This is why you need to consider hiring the above-mentioned skills so that your guests are impressed and not disappointed.