Should You Buy a Knife with A Fixed Blade?

Should You Buy a Knife with A Fixed Blade?

Fixed blade knives are knives that could not be folded and the blade is fixed, hence the term “fixed blade”. It’s sturdier compared to other knives because the blade extends until the handle, thus lessening the wobble when being used. This is the reason why this type of knife is used mainly by those who are outdoorsy and loves camping during the weekends.

But this is not the only benefit to using a knife with a fixed blade. And of course, in spite of its advantages there are still drawbacks.


There are two types of EDC fixed blade knife: the full tang or partial tang. From how they are called, full tang knives have blades that extend fully until the handle while the partial tang does not. Generally speaking, full tang knives are sturdier and lasts longer but if you will not be using it for arduous or demanding activities, a half tang knife is already acceptable which is also lighter since the blade is only until halfway of the handle.

Knives with fixed blades are favoured by hunters because of its strength and sturdiness which comes in handy while hunting and for cutting through ropes. This is not possible using a foldable knife or a knife that is not solid since the blade might easily break. Or even if it is still sharp enough to cut through a rope, it might take a longer time to cut compared to a knife with a fixed blade. Knives with fixed blades are also easier to maintain and have a longer lifespan than other knives. With this durability, it will be years before they are due for replacement.


Fixed blades are often pitted against foldable blades. Since some activities do not need the sturdy fixed blade and could be done by a more practical folding blade which some people argue is easier to store (which is often not the case since a sheath could make a fixed blade easier to keep and transport as well).

But there is a distinct advantage of a folding blade over a fixed blade and that is folding blade is more portable. They are also easy to carry because of their size and weight. Fixed blades are also more exposed compared to folding blades such as the elements. But this is not a problem or an issue since fixed blades are durable and designed to resist the elements. With their durability, they are not prone to rusting or corrosion.

It’s crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using knives with fixes blades before deciding to purchase. To summarize, fixed blades are more robust and long-lasting. They are also resilient does tough cutting jobs efficiently and effectively.

They are also easy to maintain although they are generally heavier than other types and are more exposed unless it is kept in its sheath. At the end of the day, the purpose of what the knife will be used for and the preference will be the deciding factor if you should buy a knife with fixed blade or foldable blade.