Simple but Important Tips for Cleanroom Designing

Simple but Important Tips for Cleanroom Designing

For anyone who has worked with designing a cleanroom or anyone who is only just getting into the practice, simple may not really be the term they would use to describe the process. However, so long as one is able to get a good grasp of what is required and has plenty of working knowledge on the same both in theory and practice, it can be much led complicated. Setting up such a sensitive environment requires a lot, but it can be done so long as the entire project is handled in a logical sequence. Naturally, this means lots of planning and restructuring. So to keep your sanity and stress levels in check, why not see some of these straightforward tips to help you along?

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Lay Out the Process Requirements

Every single decision you make in relation to the cleanroom will be based on your requirements. Each and every one of them. Make sure that whenever you come to a final conclusion, you always link it back to the purpose. You should also take into account any future needs that may crop up sometime soon. The chances of you breaking down this carefully and painstakingly constructed facility in 3 months’ time to accommodate new requirements may not be very likely, so you may as well get it done at once.

Keep Up With Changing Regulations

Just like you need to keep up with taxation laws and more when you run a business, so do you as someone who is directly involved in the process of setting up a cleanroom. From the clean room supplies to more, you must be updated on all the regulations at any given point. These too change from time to time, and since such highly controlled environments are very strictly regulated, there can be no gaping holes. If it is too much for you to handle, why not bring in outside help? It will certainly take a lot of the load off of you.

Screen Your Consultants

In the event that you do hire this help in the form of consultants, then you need to be sure you employ careful screen policies. Do not forget how sensitive this sort of project can be. You should not compromise on any of your requirements. If one is unable to meet them, move onto the next consultant. Your project is not a ‘test’, it is the final outcome, so ensure that those tackling it are experienced and knowledgeable. They will be working with things like particle count, humidity, air flow and more, so the parameters are definitely to be handled with a lot of care.

Examine Costs

This might seem a rather obvious one mainly because, well, everything costs money nowadays, but what we mean is that you should be more specific about it, in that you need to check on lifecycle costs, not simply the setup costs. So you want to be looking at how much the cleanroom will cost overall over a certain period of time. However, be careful to not be tempted with very low prices as this can often mean disappointment and failure. Best not use price as the main deciding factor.