Surprise Your Husband on Your Anniversary

Surprise Your Husband on Your Anniversary

Marriage is all about commitment, love, respect for each other. Every relationship requires that effort from each, being cooperative and understanding. An anniversary is a day to celebrate your union and the time of being together, often the wife expects their husband to throw them a surprise. For a change and to make your husband happy you can throw him a surprise this year.

Plan Ahead

Think about what you want to do for the anniversary, you can either arrange a surprise at your house or book a place beforehand and arrange it there or you can build up a surprise at home and take your husband out or plan a vacation abroad.


You can go shopping to get some gifts for your husband. This can be a belt, shirt, or mens sleepwear. You can give at the end of the surprise or give him in the morning or you can even put up the gifts around the house and arrange a scavenger hunt for him to hunt down the gifts.


You can make his favourite breakfast and bring him breakfast in bed and give him flowers to start off the morning and write a small note attached to the bouquet expressing your love towards him.

Execute the Plan

If your husbands cannot avoid going to work this would provide you with enough time to arrange the surprise at home you can start by setting up the gifts and place the clues according, at the end of your clue you can either ask him to meet you somewhere or come to a location in your house and have that place set up in a beautiful way. you can set up candles lighting up the way leading to a table arranged with your cake and after you have cut your cake you can go out for dinner.

Another thing you can do cook up the dinner and arrange it in the terrace or backyard. For decorations you can call up people who are proficient in decorating to help you with the decorations. Make sure you use warm lights once your husband comes back home you can surprise him with dinner and after dinner you can enjoy the night dancing to slow music


This is a beautiful way to spend your anniversary. Look through websites to find for a cruise ship contact them beforehand and place your reservation. You can request them to decorate the area for your anniversary. Make an order for the cake customizing to your liking. And enjoy your time together while cruising

Try Out Your Husband’s Hobby

Maybe your husband loves gaming or some sport. Try to get together with him and engage in that activity together not only will he enjoy what you are doing but he will also be happy to see you doing it with him.

Plan A Getaway

if travelling to a country is very expensive go through some websites that have deals for honeymoon and arrange a trip. Surprise him with the ticket when he comes home and he will be ecstatic to spend time with you alone.