Things to know about choosing the best boots for your horse

Things to know about choosing the best boots for your horse

As a horse owner, the top most thing in your mind will be the safety and the wellbeing of your horse. There are many things that will affect the health and the safety of the horse. The eyes and the legs of the horse are only two of the features that need protection.

When it comes to the leg protection of the horses, it is important that you choose the right boots for them. As your horse will be doing a lot of work with their feet, it is important that you take the needed steps to provide safety so that your horse will be protected from any risk of injury. There are different t types of horse tendon boots Australia that you can choose from. In this article, we talk about different features of the type of the boots available and what you should get for your horse:

Open front boots

If you’re looking for both for the tendons of the horse, a great option that you have open front tendon boots. This both are similar to brushing boots however the only difference is that they are constructed using a hard shell that provides extra protection and upgraded absorbing impact. These words are ideal for riding, showjumping, cross country events, etc. as it provides extra protection to the legs.

Especially when it comes to jumping, discover the back legs striking the front legs. The damage of such strikes will be minimized when the host is wearing open front boots. The main goal of these words or to protect the tendons of the horse even though they also provide protection to the fetlocks and also the lower leg ligaments.

Overreach boots

Overreach both are also known as bell boots. The purpose of this both are to prevent over striding and clipping of the from hooves, Overreaching is commonly seen in horses who engage in activities such as jumping and running in muddy conditions, this both will provide protection to the back of the feet during an over stride. This is important because over stride can cause injuries to the horse. Over reach boots is both are usually made out of rubber and there is a range of quality options that you can choose from.

Brushing boots

One of the most popular options when it comes to horse both brushing boots. This is because it provides protection to one of the riskiest areas of the horse which is the lower part of the horse leg. As this provides protection to the tendon areas of the horse, it will prevent bruises, scratches and serious damages to the tendons of the feet.

The health of the horse’s legs is a major factor which decides on the performance and also the value of the horse, the safety of the host legs must be guaranteed by using these boots.

There are many other options available when you are getting horse boots. Research about them and make sure that they fit the lifestyle of the horse to offer maximum safety.