Tips for Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

Tips for Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

Decorating an apartment is not an expensive venture if you put your mind to it. Even a tiny apartment can instantly become more liveable with well-thought decorations. Apartment dwellers don’t have the luxury of having a yard or enjoy. What’s inside is all you get, so might as well keep it nice. Here are several tips for decorating your apartment even if you are on a tight budget.

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Move Things Around

When was the last time you cleaned your apartment thoroughly? Most people vacuum and dust the home, but rarely think about moving the furniture around and changing the looks. If you are cash-strapped, this is possibly the best way to redecorate your apartment. Have you considered how the place would look if you moved the sofa and changed the arrangement of ornaments on a bookshelf? Think about a new floor plan to make your apartment look brand new without buying anything new.

Trim Shading

Want to instantly brighten up and improve the looks of your apartment? Then consider repainting. A fresh coat of a chic shade could do wonders for your apartment. In case you are too cash-strapped to do over the whole room, consider finding a painter in Brisbane just for the trims. The effect can be quite as dramatic.

Use Local Artwork

Decorating your apartment with artwork doesn’t mean you have to spend millions at a high-class exhibition. Art is art, regardless of the price tag. So, check out the small-scale local art exhibitions, street shows, and college art sales to browse for cool artwork you can display at your home. You can certainly find painting from unknown artists for relatively cheap. If you still want to show off classical artwork, you can hire a local artist to recreate well-known paintings. It should not cost you over $100. Perhaps your relatives or friends might be willing to lend you artwork they don’t want at home. Hang these up around the house to instantly give your apartment an elegant and sophisticated makeover.

Replace Little Parts

You can radically change the looks of your apartment by replacing small, ageing parts like the door handles or lampshades. Buy a new shower curtain if the old one is fading away. New throw pillows on the living room couch can make the entire room look different. Buying these little things won’t cost much and is an ingenious way to redecorate.

Buy Windowsill Plants

One thing apartments seriously lack is greenery. You can fix this by buying small indoor plants you can easily place on a windowsill or a counter. Plants like mini cactus are easy to maintain and don’t take up much space. Small potted plants like herbs are decorative and edible. With more greenery, your apartment would look refreshingly stunning.

Last but not least, get rid of all the clutter in the apartment to truly transform the looks. There are several approaches here. You can increase storage space by buying space-efficient furniture. Get things like cheap storage bins to just place everything in one place without all over the bedroom or the living room. De-cluttering is one of the best ways to make your apartment look beautiful without spending a cent.