Tips for a Pool Renovation with Natural Stone Tiles

Tips for a Pool Renovation with Natural Stone Tiles

A pool renovation can be an enjoyable project and you will be able to improve the aesthetics of your existing pool area. You can also add more functionality to the space with the renovation. You can change the materials used in the renovation and in this article, we are focusing on the use of natural stone tiles.

Before you dive into the project,

You need to evaluate the existing condition of the pool. There may be surface damage, plumbing issues or structural problems that will need to be resolved. You will need to resolve these functional issues and ensure that the pool is in optimal condition before you start moving into the aesthetic improvements. There is a lot that can be done in a pool renovation so you have to prioritise what you plan to do. Much of this will depend on the budget that you can allocate to the project. You will need to decide how much you are willing to spend on the renovation and this will help you decide which items can be done. Some of the tasks you may need to do will be resurfacing the pool, adding new water features or updating the deck area. You can communicate the budget and your priorities to the renovation company so that they can give you a realistic cost for the project and outline areas where costs can be saved.

When resurfacing the pool, there are many material options you can consider.

Natural stone is a great option for this as there are so many types you can choose from such as travertine, slate, limestone, granite etc. You can visit and choose a stone that suits youraesthetics, preferences, maintenance and most importantly, budget. There is a differenttexture and colour palette along with durability to each stone type so you will need to compare the pros and cons when making a choice. You can let the supplier of the tiles know of your requirements when it comes to the pool surface so that they can help you narrow down the search. You need to choose the right size for the tile. Larger tiles can create an expansive look and you can create intricate patterns with smaller tiles. You have to think about the scale of the pool and the landscape when choosing the size and patterns of the pool tiles so that the result is balanced.

There should be safety features incorporated into the renovation.

The decision to use natural stone pool tiles will help you achieve a slip-resistant surface. You can look for tumbled or textured finishes so that the grip is enhanced. These can be used in the areas closest to water where water will be splashing. It is also good to use contrasting tiles or border in areas where there are level differences or to separate certain ones so that slipping or falling can be minimised. You can highlight potential edges when you change the contrast which increases the awareness of the people using the pool. You can look to your surroundings for inspiration when choosing colours for the natural stone pool tiles.