Tips for Cleaning the Environment

Tips for Cleaning the Environment

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to keep the environment clean. We often blame it on the government for not doing enough to keep the country clean. However, it is the duty of each of us to keep the country clean. Here are a few tips that will help to keep the environment clean.

Think About the Future

Today most of the countries are focusing on economic growth, this is where the national income of the county rises and GDP is an effective measure of economic growth. However, what people don’t realize is that this can damage the environment. This is because if the production of goods and services increases more and more non-renewable resources would be consumed. This in turn will lead to unsustainable growth and earth will not be a good place to live for the future generations. This is why you should always think about the future. The government needs to place a physical limit on the usage of non-renewable resources.  They should also impose heavy fines on firms that use up these resources. Governments should also encourage firms that cut off trees such as furniture making firms to plant two trees for every one they cut. Another great thing the government could do is give subsidies to firms so they would come up with more recycling projects.

Come Up With New Projects

Although government isn’t solely responsible for keeping the environment clean, they could take up new measures which will help a lot. For example, most of the developing countries have polluted streets because the government hasn’t done anything to reduce it. They should make sure that there is a dustbin in every street. This will encourage citizens to dump their waste on the bins instead of throwing them on roads. They should also take measures to clean up the already polluted air. Governments in countries like Australia have taken measures to do things like rubbish removal western and south east suburbs. You should also encourage youngsters to take part in cleaning the environment. For example once in a way you could come up with competitions where you encourage youngsters to clean the beach and reward them for doing so.

Reduce Use of Chemicals

As responsible citizens, we all should try to reduce usage of plastic as it is hazardous to the environment and also harms animals. Governments need to come with strict rules where chemical making firms are forced to clean up the damage they do to the environment.

It is important for us to fall in love with Mother Nature and try to reduce the damage we do on a daily basis. This can be done by making few lifestyle changes. For example instead of using a car which runs on petrol you should opt for other alternatives such as electric cars. Another great way to reduce air pollution is to go for a carpool instead of driving your own vehicle. This will not only reduce air pollutions but will also reduce the traffic congestion too. Lastly, minimize the use of polythene so when going to supermarkets take your own carry bags, you could also switch things like plastic straws to bamboo straw.