Tips To Gain Your Employees’ Trust And Loyalty

Tips To Gain Your Employees’ Trust And Loyalty

Faithful, trustworthy and loyal employees are very hard to simply come by; you need to earn their trust and loyalty. If you are looking for ways to make your employees more trustworthy and loyal towards you and your company/business, then the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you.

See To Their Wants And Needs

As humans, we all have plenty of wants and need. Even though you might not be able to see to each and every employee’s wants and needs individually, it is important that you see to them as a whole. For example, make sure they are getting paid well enough to see to their day to day needs. Make sure they get a break in between work and that they have a proper place to take their break time. If you are financially ready for it, even giving them health insurance and similar benefits can be a great idea. Doing these will show your employees that you care for them, naturally making them trust you more.

Keep The Communication Line Between You Open

Many of us are in the habit of taking our clients for a meal; often in private dining areas if we want to continue talking about business with them. But did you know that it’s important that you take your senior-level employees for such meals? If you are a local of Melbourne, choose a well-reputed restaurant which offers private dining Melbourne based on this. If you happen to have a small group of employees, then you can take the whole lot to a once-a-month meal with the boss. Talk to them in this informal setting. Be friendly with them and keep the communication line open.

Be Fair And Avoid Taking Sides

Conflicts are natural and expected in work settings. After all, we are human, and we definitely feel stressed when we work. But did you know that how you behave in such a conflict between 2 of your employees can actually have an effect on your relationship with them? Try your best not to take sides immediately; even if it’s clear who is at the wrong. Let them both explain the situation from their point of view. Always try to find a peaceful end to your employee’s issues instead of placing blame on them. If you are fair in solving their problems, they will definitely feel more loyal towards you.

Take Care When Praising, Reprimanding And Comparing Employees

Like we mentioned above, to make mistakes is human. Some mistakes can be brushed off, while others will bring forward the need to reprimand your employees. Be wise at such moments. Instead of yelling at them in front of the whole office, have this conversation in private. Avoid gossiping about it with anyone. Above all, stop comparing them with other employees all together, as it de-motivates them. However, if they have performed their tasks well, and deserve praise, then do so in the open¾in front of all. This is also another occasion when a meal can go a great way in making sure you have loyal employees who will be willing to go that extra mile for you.