Ways to Take Care and Love Your Lashes

Ways to Take Care and Love Your Lashes

The eyelashes bring a lot of beauty to your eyes. It makes your eyes look more stunning and expressive. Although each one of us has different eyelash lengths and thickness, all lash types are beautiful and it’s all about how we take care of it that matters.

Taking care of your lashes is an essential part of your daily beauty routine. You can maintain its beauty by using the right products and following proper steps in caring for it every day. If you want to learn how to take care and love your lashes, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about proper lash care.

Cleanse Properly

Although lashes naturally get cleansed when we wash our face, certain products can make it look dry and cause damage to it. When cleansing your face, opt for cleansers that are gentle and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals so that it doesn’t cause damage to the lashes. You could also use gentle cleansers such as a baby shampoo to remove lash makeup before washing the face. When cleansing, avoid rubbing or scrubbing the eyelashes to avoid irritating the skin around the eyelashes.

Use Oil and Brush

Applying oil to your lashes is a great way to moisturize it and promote its healthy growth. You can then brush your lashes after applying oil to distribute it to the whole length of your eyelash. You could also use oil as a makeup remover since it can effectively yet gently dissolve makeup products. If you’re looking for a good oil, opt for natural ones such as argan oil for eyelashes to keep it healthy and shiny.

Avoid Curling Too Much

Curling your lashes makes it look more beautiful especially when you’re planning to put on some mascara on it. However, be sure to curl it gently. Squeezing the curler too much makes your lashes weak and damaged which could lead to them falling out. Curl gently for a few seconds and your lashes are all good.

Provide Good Nutrition

Just like other parts of your body, you should also feed your lashes with good nutrition to keep it healthy and strong. Vitamins B3, C, E, and biotin helps promote strong and healthy lashes from roots to tips. You could take supplements to provide all those essential vitamins to your lashes. Also, be sure to eat food items that are good for the lashes such as eggs, yogurt, fatty fish, and beans.

When choosing products for lash care, look for ones that contain keratin and castor oil. Both of these ingredients are great in boosting lash growth and strengthening the hair strands. Be sure to avoid products with phthalates, parabens, and ethyl alcohol since these ingredients can weaken and damage the hairs in your lashes.

Taking good care of your eyelashes isn’t that complicated at all. With these basic care tips, you can surely have naturally beautiful and healthy eyelashes that look stunning even without makeup.