What Are the Types of Australian Visas?

What Are the Types of Australian Visas?

For those who wishes to enter Australia, there are many types of visas. You can enter the country as in many ways; as skilled migrants, family migrants, students etc. The types of Australian visas include Work visa, Temporary entry visas, Visitor visa, Business visa, Student visa and Permanent entry visa. Take a look at what is below to see how each of these works.

Work Visa

Work visas are granted under two categories; Temporary Residence with work rights and Working holiday maker. The former gives you the permission to stay and work in Australia for up to four years with the main requirement being employer sponsorship. Under the second type, you can enter the country for recreational purposes but can work part-time for an income. This is eligible for those aged between 26 and 18. If you are planning to stay in the county for six months, then with this visa you can also work in Australia for 6 months.

Temporary Entry Visa

This is for those who visit the country on specific purposes that are also beneficial for Australia. This category of visa gives prominence to aspects such as capable employment, social affairs, cultural relations and universal relations. With this visa, you cannot change your employer, place you are staying and your time in the country without informing early.

Visitor Visas

Unless you are a citizen of New Zealand You will need a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authority to simply visit Australia. With a standard visitor’s visa, you get to stay in the country for three months. You will not be permitted to work in the country with this is an and if you expect to stay longer you can apply for a long stay visa which allows you to stay in the country for six months. If you are visiting the county for a business purpose, you can obtain a Business Visa. This allows you to travel in Australia without limits and each visit can be last three months long. For those who visit the country as students for full-time registered course, student’s visas are granted. With this, the students also have working rights.

Permanent Entry Visa

This visa is granted under two types; the migration program which is for those who wishes to enter the country permanently. The potential migrants are based on factors such as skills, financial resources, age, English language ability, family (children, partner, parent and other family members such as dependent relatives), business (for those who wish to invest in Australia, those who own or co-own a business and talented business person who is sponsored by state or territory government.) And health. Factors such as race, gender and culture are not taken into consideration for the migration program.  The other category under permanent entry visa is The Humanitarian Program which is granted to refuges or anyone in a refugee like situation.

Depending on your need to enter the country, you can apply for one of these visas. You will have to ascertain your eligibility to apply for the particular visa you require.