What should you do Before; While; After using A Sex Doll?

What should you do Before; While; After using A Sex Doll?

When the sex doll box arrives, we think you must be excited because she will not only be your companion for sexual activity but also a part of your future life. Therefore, the very first thing you should do after receiving the goods is carefully open the packaging and inspect everything. A thick sex doll typically weighs tens of pounds. Even when the shipment has been adequately protected by the seller, it still might get hurt in transit. Please transport the sex doll’s package with your buddies because it may weigh more than you might imagine. In general, she is immovable to just one person.

Please wash your hands before opening the box rather than skipping this step to save time. Wash your hands before touching her to prevent your hands from staining her skin and leaving any stains on her body. When you take the plastic paper off the doll’s container, look for any signs of handling damage. Notify the seller right away if there is damage so that they can repair it or take further action. To use the box for future returns or replacements of the goods, keep the packaging undamaged and store it in a visible location. The doll’s torso and head, as well as a few other accoutrements, should be visible if there is no damage. During travelling, the typical sex doll will split its head and torso. Please be cautious when opening the box. Please locate the sex doll’s head and attach it to the torso if the doll is not damaged. Please note that the doll’s hair can occasionally be detached. Simply style the hair of your cherry sweetheart real love sex dolls.

Send the doll to the bathroom and degrease it before utilizing it for the first time. An oil component is infused into the silicone to provide the doll’s body with softness and the ability to emit a sweet scent. In this way, the doll’s surface will gradually start to show signs of oil. The doll needs to be bathed once a week to get rid of the oil. Powder the doll thoroughly after taking a shower. Utilize regular baby powder. The goal is to remove the grease while also getting rid of the oil and the body’s filth. After that, rinse, degrease, dust, and then wipe the body to remove any powder or grime. To keep the doll’s body dry and clean after drying, reapply the powder.

A lubricant must be used when utilizing a sex doll to keep the private area sufficiently lubricated. If no lubrication is applied, the sex doll’s interior will not be sufficiently lubricated, which could lead to the private area rupturing after use. It is acceptable if you use a condom that has enough lubricity.

Believe that your body and mind have never been more content than after having sex with a doll. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your beloved companion at this time, dress her in adorable attire, and prevent her from going nude. You must wash the physical doll’s entire body and private parts with clean water after utilizing the sex doll. Wash the sex doll in warm water after sanitizing it, then pat dry the interior and exterior with a towel or allow it to air dry before storing it for later use.