What To Do If You’ve Met With An Accident?

What To Do If You’ve Met With An Accident?

Meeting with an accident on the road is an unfortunate event that can happen to anybody. What is important is that you make sure that this does not repeat itself and that you are able to do what is necessary immediately afterwards so that you do not have any issues later. Obviously one of the first things that needs to be done is to make sure you are alright and the people with you. However, in the event where nobody is hurt from either party, you can do certain things immediately that will protect your finances and vehicle. Here are some of the things you must not forget to do.

Stop Driving

The biggest mistake that you can do is to keep driving after you have met with an accident, no matter how big or small it is. Driving away qualifies you for having driven away after causing damage and that makes you guilty immediately, even if you were not at fault for the accident happening in the first place. Always stop immediately and make sure that you, your companions and those of the colliding vehicle are alright.

Take Pictures Of The Scene

It is important that you take images of the scene but most of the time the police can do this for you in order to avoid any disturbance. Taking these images will come in handy for when you claim insurance. You can also contact the professionals that you know to get an idea of the cost that you are looking at like car mechanic frankston but that can be done after all the formalities at the immediate scene has been taken care of.

Make Others Aware Of The Accident And Call The Police

One thing that you need to do immediately is to make sure that other people are aware that there has been an accident and protect the scene. If it’s during the night when it is very dark and visibility is reduced, set up flares or even keep the lights of your vehicle on so that others can avoid colliding into you. Next call the police without any further delay. The more you delay calling the authorities the more issues there will be. Give them a clear and accurate record of what happened and if there is anything that you are not sure of, let them know that rather than taking guesses. If you feel fine but have not gone to a doctor yet, tell the police officer that you cannot say that you are alright beyond any doubt.

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Get The Information You Need

You will need to speak with the other party that was involved in the accident and exchange insurance numbers, names, addresses and identification details so that you can use them in the future when and if the need arises. Next, if there is a police investigator at the scene they will give you both a compliant number which you can use as reference to contact them in the future and also when it comes to claiming insurance.