When Do You Need a Federal Tax Lawyer?

When Do You Need a Federal Tax Lawyer?

Dealing with taxes is a normal part of life whether you’re a businessman or a worker. Tax is the amount of money that people pay to the government and is calculated by percentage depending on their income. This money is then used to finance government workers and functions such as education, healthcare, and security.

No matter how hard you try, there will always be a time that you need to deal with the Internal Revenue Service to settle your federal tax issues. Generally, most tax issues can be handled on your own. However, there are special cases when it is wise to hire a tax attorney to handle your tax issues. Here are the most common situations where you need to contact an attorney to deal with the IRS.

Court Cases

One of the most common reasons why people hire federal tax lawyers is when they are facing tax-related court cases. Court proceedings can be complex to understand especially when you’re not much knowledgeable in the field. Hiring a tax attorney gives you a fighting chance to avoid unfavourable judgement, lower penalties or even win the case. In most cases, the IRS have a higher chance of winning tax fraud cases that’s why it is important to have someone who can properly and legally represent you in the court.

Managing Business

Another reason why people hire a tax attorney is when they are managing business. Whether you are starting your own, buying or selling an existing business, you’ll definitely need expert advice from a good tax attorney. They can help you decide which business structure is best to minimize your taxes as much as possible. A tax attorney is also knowledgeable with the tax law, which helps a lot in keeping your company safe from federal tax issues.

Estate Planning

If you’re making a statement of leaving assets to heirs, a tax attorney can help you a lot when it comes to planning. Whether you’re leaving your heirs money or an estate, they will need to pay for tax before they can claim and enjoy their inheritance. Tax attorneys can help a lot in proper planning of your assets to get the lowest tax rate as much as possible that your heirs need to pay.


Audits can be done and requested anytime. If you’re facing an audit or having an outstanding tax debt that needs to be dealt with, hiring a tax attorney is the best decision to begin with. They can help you through the process to avoid making more mistakes as you go. They also know how to deal with the IRS to lower you tax or outstanding debt by a significant percentage. Leave it all to the attorney to deal with the situation in the most appropriate way.

These 4 situations are the most common reasons that you need to hire a tax attorney. Be sure to check their qualifications and experience first to get the best attorney as much as possible.