Etiquette to Follow When Getting A Professional Massage

Etiquette to Follow When Getting A Professional Massage

There are numerous reasons why someone wants to get a massage. Most of these reasons include pain treatment, mood booster or simply to just feel relaxed and pampered. Letting someone knead and rub you with aromatic essential oils is an activity no one would say no to. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening.

But for those who have not tried it yet, there might be several questions that they need answers to. And most, if not all of these questions involve etiquette or normal behaviour when getting a massage.

Be Hygienic

Remember that when you get a massage, this involves a stranger touching you and being up close with your (almost) naked body. Be hygienic and take a shower beforehand. Imagine you are in the position of being the masseuse. You would not want to massage someone who just got from an hour of workout session from the gym, right?

Don’t wear dirty underwear, or better yet don’t wear any underwear at all since a blanket would be draped over you anyway. If you are not able to take a shower beforehand, be mindful of your smell and don’t subject the masseuse to your unpleasant odour. Don’t eat a heavy meal before the massage either because when the pressure is applied on your body, you might pass gas and that would be awkward.

Be Respectful

Even if you are getting an adult relaxing massage from be respectful. Keep in mind that the masseuses are trying to make a living just as you are and would prefer that you treat them respectfully when you are at their place of work. Don’t do or say anything that is out of the line and that would make them uncomfortable.

Be Generous

Don’t forget to tip! A masseuse would make you feel good physically and mentally so it’s just proper that you show your appreciation by rewarding their service with monetary compensation. You have to keep in mind that tips are seldom included in the price of the massage so you have to pay it separately.

It is also recommended that you give the tip directly to the masseuse and not on a tip box to ensure that the one who massaged you would be the one to receive the extra pay. If tipping is discouraged (which is seldom the case) discuss this first with the masseuse because if you would subtly tip them and they got caught accepting, they might even lose their job.

Be Punctual

Not only would you lose minutes and would not get your money’s worth, you have to also remember that the masseuse’s time is as important as yours. They might get paid depending on the number of clients they massage on a day and if you made them waste their time, they might end up having few customers that day.

Keep this in mind when you go for a professional massage to ensure that you would end up having a relaxing time. Be considerate and communicate with the masseuse if something is bothering you.