Reasons Why Tableside Ordering is a Perfect Upgrade for Your Restaurant

Reasons Why Tableside Ordering is a Perfect Upgrade for Your Restaurant

Whether you have a fine dining restaurant, a cafe or even a pub, it is important to look for ways to improve the quality of service you’re giving to your customers. Technology has already been a part of every business today; it helps a lot in boosting sales as well as providing better customer service than before.

One of these technologies is tableside ordering which is a sales solution where the customer can personally place an order while already on his table. On the other hand, you may also equip your employees with a tablet to accommodate tableside ordering. Either way, both ways have been proven to improve the performance of any food business out there. Here are the benefits of having tableside ordering technology.

Faster Service and Turning of Tables

More time will be saved when orders can be taken from the table instead of queuing for a long time. Once the customer gets in the door and settles on a table, he can already send his order through the ordering app. No need to wait for a long time on queue just to place his order.

Aside from being convenient for the customers, it makes work more efficient for the employees. When orders are taken and delivered quickly, you can reduce waiting time and speed up the turning of tables; increasing your sales in return. Try out the leading app for restaurant contactless ordering and see how it transforms your business into something better.

More Accurate Orders

Since the customers place their orders personally, errors in orders are significantly reduced. There are times when servers can’t take down specific order requests from customers which affect the customer’s satisfaction and experience in your restaurant. However, with tableside ordering your customers can input what they really want with their order, even some food specifications and considerations.

More Secure Payment

No at customers prefer to pay in cash. Some of them opt to pay their orders thru a credit card. In traditional ways, the customer will hand over the credit card to the restaurant staff for billing. Credit card fraud is easy to do in this situation since the customer will simply hand over his card without hesitation and some don’t even notice where their card was being taken. With a tableside ordering technology, customers can pay their order personally on the spot – their credit card doesn’t need to leave their hands anymore.

Better Tipping

Tips are one of the benefits your wait staff can enjoy while working. Usually, customers already know how much to tip based on their service received. However, there are still some who are not sure how much to give. With a tableside POS system, you can provide them a hint of how much tip should be made depending on the services they got. Your wait staff can enjoy better tips from customers with this technology.

Investing in tableside ordering technology costs a little more but the benefits you can reap for your business is definitely worth the cost.