Last Minute Party Plans

Last Minute Party Plans

We’ve all been at a point where we need to plan something last minute. Last minute planning is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a clear cut idea as to what you really have to do to pull it off in a matter of days (or even hours), then you’re on the right track. The first thing you need to do is grab the nearest piece of paper you can find, a pen and write down all the elements that’ll make this party a successful one. It does not have to be a party, even something such a simple picnic needs planning! Given below are a few of the items you need to add onto your list.

What You Need To Get Online

First and foremost, find the nearest computer to you with an internet connection and make all the purchases online, and this includes things such as ecig online, some of the decoration and even food items that you can purchase online. It’s important that you make the online orders at your earliest, as this is the sure way that you will receive them before it is too late. In certain instances however, you may not be able to make any online purchases if the event is the next day, therefore it is best if you resort to getting all the items by visiting the grocery or party store.

Visiting the Stores

Next, you need to start your list of items you need to purchase at the grocery store, party store and any other store you might need to visit! You have to start by categorizing all of this into separate lists so that when you’re on one aisle you can put everything you need from that aisle itself instead of having to run around. Don’t forget to cross off everything once you get them! This list is what will help you, so sit down and write down every single thing you will need and get them as early as possible so that you don’t have to rush.


The other main aspect you need to really focus on is the venue and where the party will be held. Remember, since this is very last minute you may not be able to get the venue that you have in mind unless you’re very lucky. You also need to choose a venue where alcohol and smoking is allowed, or if not you may have to let the guests know.


Finally, another very important element are the invites. You may not have enough time to get professional invitations done, so you’ll have to opt for either e-mails or phone calls to make it much more personal! Since it is an informal party, you needn’t put a lot of thought to the invitations but otherwise, the invitations play a very crucial role.

These are a few of the many elements you need to focus on when you are planning on a last minute party or event.