Safety Tips You Must Follow During a Safari Trip

Safety Tips You Must Follow During a Safari Trip

Safaris trips are known to be thrilling, exciting and fun. But it is important to acknowledge that they can be dangerous to a certain extent as well. Since you are in an unprotected outdoor environment, you never know what can go wrong. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure your personal safety during such tours. So, the next time you go on such a trip, make sure to adhere to the following safety instructions.

Stay Inside the Vehicle

You might have noticed that regardless of how close the jeep is to the animal, these creatures never tend to hurt the travelers. This is due to the fact that these creatures consider the travelers to be harmless. As long you stay within the jeep, the wild animal will not see you as a threat. But if you step out or even lean towards it, one cannot say what might happen. Therefore, remember to stay within your vehicle at all times.

Do Not Startle

Similar to humans, animals do not like being surprised or shocked. So, it is important for you to make sure that you, intentionally or unintentionally, do not startle a wild animal. The easiest way to avoid this problem, as mentioned above, is to stay within the vehicle. Do not try to jump out and say “Hi” since the creature might not find it to be much welcoming. Moreover, do not use your camera. Of course, you might want to record these precious moments. However, do know that using the flash can startle the animals. You must also keep your voice down. Do not shout or scream since it might freak the creatures in the wild.

Wear Protective Gear

During Africa safaris, the most important thing that you must wear is mosquito repellent. Although they are small in size, mosquitoes are considered to be highly dangerous since they carry deadly diseases such as dengue and malaria. It is best to consult your physician and ask whether it is necessary to take anti-malaria tablets. Although it might be hot, it is best to wear long trousers, socks and closed shoes. You can also wear a hat and put on some sunscreen to prevent yourself from getting sunburnt.

Travel with a Guide

If this is your first time on such an adventure, it is best to take a guide with you. A skilled guide can make your adventure both memorable and safe. They not only which places are safe to visit at what times, but they provide the travelers with excellent commentary too. Their knowledge about animal behavior will enable you to stay safe throughout the tour. For instance, a guide will instantly know if a wild animal is agitated and thereby will immediately help you evacuate the location.

Moreover, remember not to store or carry any food with you during this tour. This can attract the wild beasts towards you and thereby endanger your safety.