Must-Have Furniture Items for a Coffee Shop

Must-Have Furniture Items for a Coffee Shop

If you are planning to open a coffee shop and want to plan the interior, there are some must-have items that you need to purchase. Above all, you need to consider the comfort and satisfaction of your customers by providing a good service. Here are some items to add to your coffee shop to ensure that you provide your customers with the best service.

Comfortable Chairs

One of the best ways to ramp up the quality of your service is to provide good seating options for your customers. It doesn’t matter how good your food and beverages will be if the people who visit the shop cannot enjoy them comfortably. When selecting items such as chairs, test them and check whether they are comfortable enough to sit on for a longtime. Your customers sometimes drop in after a long day of work and will probably look for a place to relax and enjoy their coffees. Also try to have one or two cushioned chairs as well. Giving customers what they need will help you to draw in more patrons too.


You will need tables not only for your customers but also for your working area. For the dining area, it is not hard to select tables as most tables and chairs come in sets. But for the work purposes, you will need to consider the material and the size of the table. Especially since on busy days there will be people running in and out of the kitchen and many accidental spills can happen. There are some things you should make sure of before selecting tables for working area. Can the material withstand spills? Can they fit in my kitchen? Is it big enough for work?

Outdoor Furniture

If there is going to be an outdoor dining area, make a list of items you need to have in order to provide seating for the customers. A quick online search will help you find places to buy park furniture Melbourne. You can then make a trip to two or three shops closest to you. Along with the tables and chairs you need to buy patio umbrellas to protect the customers outside from the sun and rain. When choosing outdoor furniture, you need to consider their durability and their resistance to weather conditions.

Bookshelves/ Book Cupboards

This is not a compulsory item to have in a coffee shop. Some coffee shops give their customers the option of choosing a book from their book shelf while they enjoy their coffee. If you want to add a collection of books you too can get shelves made or purchase a cupboard to store them. Make sure the front of the shelf is either made of glass or kept open so that the customers can see what books you have on display. Since you don’t need to have a large collection of books, the bookshelf or cupboard doesn’t need to be very large. A good idea is to have spacious open shelves fixed on one wall to store books.

Always try to match these items to the decor and the colors of your shop. These items are as important as the cooking and beverage-making equipment so make sure you don’t rush into purchasing them. Make a list of items with the exact quantity you will need before purchasing on a whim.